Mrs. Ha’s animal crackers

I mentioned recently that Mrs. Ha had a better shot than I of the bearded gent with the dog, taken in Salamanca. As I was digging it out I found a few other of her gems.

Who me???WhomeShouldn’t every dog have a rubber chicken?rubberchickendogIf we can have a dog then we can have a cat.Window CatAnd if we can have one cat we can have twoBenchCatI did warn you, she has a better eye for a photo than I do.


33 thoughts on “Mrs. Ha’s animal crackers

  1. You make a good team, the two of you. Has she always done photography or did you get her started. If you showed Mrs. Ha the way, then maybe you should start giving lessons as she does very well…but so do you, Andrew. ๐Ÿ™‚
    The black cat image is indeed a winner. As more of a dog person I am shocked to admit that my two favorites are the cats.

  2. I often wish I could wander about the streets in my nightie and a cardy. And if Lui Stringer would let me walk him on a leash, life would be complete ! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Did you notice all the stray cats in Venice ? โ€“ we felt overwhelmed by them. But I honestly don’t remember noticing many dogs, back then in late 1989 …
    I often wonder about Mrs Ha, and whether or not she might be your alter ego … [grin]

    • Dogs are “in”, M-R. The cats seemed to be residential rather than strays. Very arrogant of course. The dogs are more approachable and hold a better conversation.

      • Things have changed over the course of 25 years … Not sure how good that is, Andrew – unless you can tell me with confidence that their owners make sure to clean up behind them …

  3. One day I hope I find a partner in life with whom I can share a passion, as you and Mrs. Ha do. It is very interesting to see your different takes on things, and different ways of capturing them.
    The last, black cat under the gorgeous bench~swoon! And I’m not a cat person!

  4. Wonderful! The top (literally/figuratively) cat’s coat is spectacular. Love the colors of the last pic.

  5. These are excellent. Frankly or earnestly speaking I, of course, like this series very much. The cat in the window IS BEAUTIFUL!

    As I read some of the comments of a a post or so ago someone mentioned the man walking the dog. You must have posted this one before and I missed the post.

    Dog with the rubber chicken is fantastic. And if Ms Ha took all or some of these then perhaps you should turn your cameras over to your wife. She does have a good eye without the misery of being too technical. I’m only half way kidding here or not. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The dog photo before was mine Yvonne. This is Shirley’s. I really like the way the dog looks back at the camera. She doesn’t want my cameras. Too complicated. She shot all these with a tiny point and shoot that cost a fraction of my Fuji. She has an excellent eye. The 2 girls are both good artists so it must run in the genes.

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