Roll call

Autumn isn’t here until………..the Daurian Redstarts appear in the garden. They seem laggards this year. The Blackbirds have been around for a while – 4 of them piping away like a school ref trying to blow the pea out of his whistle. The Olive-backed Pipits are here. Dusky Warbler? Present sir! Dusky Warbler…… Don’t do that. Flycatcher…. Asian Brown? Yes, sir! Redstart, Daurian? Where is Redstart? Is he sick? 

And then bursting in rather late comes Redstart D. I’m sorry I’m late sir but I’ve got an excuse. The dog ate my homework but Matron has given me a note, sir!

See me after class, Redstart!

To prove that Redstart D has arrived here he is in all his (distant) finery.Daurian RedstartAnd if you think that’s short changing you a bit, well last year he was nearer the front of the class.Daurian Redstart male

His sister is at the girl’s college. Miss Redstart!! Legs………. together please!Daurian-redstart-F




20 thoughts on “Roll call

  1. Those are nice lookin’ birds, Andrew. I wish I could “like” these features but every time I try, it demands a log-in.

    • John, since the garden was ‘tidied up’ the birds are fewer and more distant as they have less cover. I knew it would happen. I’m left with ‘boundary’ shots now.

  2. Excellent photos! I find it challenging to capture them on film as they are always ” so busy.” Beautiful!

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