Santa Maria della Salute

I’m not sure why I didn’t look at these much in October but after gently fermenting on the hard drive they bubbled up this morning, risen perhaps with the yeast.Santa Maria della Salute2

Santa Maria della SaluteWe had visitors today. Warm, autumnal sunshine welcomed them and eventually we found ourselves working our way through a three hour lunch at Mike’s Chicken. Superb Portuguese food. The name of the restaurant belies its quality. I then waddled along the sea-front with Mrs. Ha and Cost Centre 2 and bumped into Holmes. J. He was making high quality images of the Black Kites as they cavorted exuberantly then hung in the breeze, just for the hell of it. Alongside him, another familiar face, Samson and his wife and child, accomplished naturalists and photographers all.

I dragged myself up the hill home, there being no taxis. I was having a better day today. Perhaps the sun was healing me. And now the scent of gingerbread wafts up the stairs to my study as Mrs. Ha and CC2 kick off a Christmas tradition. Lulu is poised to pick up any accidental spillages or dropped arms / legs. I am poised to pick up any stray Smarties that decorate the GB-men. One year they made a GB house. What a failure. It was so good nobody dared eat it.

I bet its not this much fun in Venice.

27 thoughts on “Santa Maria della Salute

  1. I’ll bet you’re right!
    Just look at that light, though. I’ve heard it said that architecture is art you live in, and it depresses me that buildings here in the US are very seldom built with that in mind. In your photos you can see how the native stone responds to the light~ very uplifting.

    • Some of the architecture in HK is magnificent Melissa. It ranges from the Old Bank of China Building to the new one, designed by I.M. Pei. Sadly there are also plenty of soul-less boxes too. It is a shame that you don’t have more creative architects in the US.

      • It is, Andrew. Actually I think they may be here but have their hands tied by legislation and the bottom line, which translates as cheap and vanilla. I have sought to build a cob house, for example, and been swatted down by local rules as to how a house should appear.

      • I think cob houses have been built in Britain in modern times but not that often. I wonder what they had against the appearance.

  2. either I have a very warped mind or, I need to go to Specsavers – I read it as ‘accomplished naturists’ and thought WOW!, it’s all happening in HK on a Sunday, will our Andrew be getting his kit off next? The gingerbread sounds delicious and I swear that I can smell it cooking from here…..;) Very lovely photographs of Venice, and not a naturist in sight to spoil the view.

  3. Perhaps you should have spent some time inside the church. Or maybe not. Glad that you had a good day. I have those days as well. Rare- but a very welcome respite from the constant sinking feeling. About 3 more days for you before your surgery.

    I went to Google- where else? I read that in the 1600’s about 1/3 of the population had died from the plaque. (Bet if there had been plenty of cats there would have been no rats) 🙂

    It was said that if the people were delivered from the death then a church would be built to honor the Virgin Mary. Hence the church is known as a place of health or something to that effect.

    The city was so delivered and Baldassare Longhena, then only 26 years old, was selected to design the new church. It was consecrated in 1681, the year before Longhena’s death, and completed in 1687. Wonder if he died from the plaque?

    The photos are excellent. I like the historical aspect of so many of your pictures.

    • There are some gruesome stories about Venice and the plague, Yvonne. The most famous recent work is arguably Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice (Tod in Venedig). We tried to go inside the church but we got our timing wrong and arrived just after it had closed for lunch! I am counting down.

  4. Obviously, we were too early at SK waterfront….I’ll be hoping for warm Gingerbread Persons next time !

  5. Sounds like an excellent day. Some outstanding food is sometimes found at places tucked away in an old alley or just outside of town with a sign flashing overhead that beckons with the word “EATS”. The food matters, the name not so much.
    Every once in a while, unremembered treasures pop up while weeding the old hard drive. These have aged very well, Andrew.

  6. I often stumble across oldies but goldies languishing on my Hard Drive and wonder how many more there are in there. I recently accepted a Facebook 5 days B&W challenge and it forced me to look at some of my non-wildlife shots, which better suited this medium, and what an eye opener it was! Sometimes we need a nudge to get out of our comfort zone and I am delighted that I took it on. I shall certainly revisit my older work with mono on my mind as I was pleasantly surprised with the result. These are great shots of this spectacular building and I am very please that they rose to the occasion!

    • I think my first trawl is usually pretty severe, James. I nit pick over minor things and select only my real favourites. Over time I see things in some of those that I missed and they get downgraded. Then occasionally I see potential that I missed first time round. It is an excellent argument for not being too aggressive in the first or second cull. I kept all my cards from Europe and have not yet formatted them. Everything can be rescued. I’m sure there are a few more waiting to emerge. I hope you find plenty with mono potential too.

  7. Possibly not, Andrew: they’re far more likely to be making panettone, pandoro or (yum yum !) panforte !

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