So its goodnight from me

I started blogging in 2011. I dipped my toe in gently as I approached early retirement. I had no idea what I would write about but I knew it would involve photographs. Several times I have contemplated stopping. It is time consuming. Yet it is also a way of getting down on ‘paper’ my thoughts and feelings. I regard it as developmental. I never realised I would come across so many interesting, fun, reflective, talented and encouraging people. I try not to worry about statistics but there is an inner desire to know that there is somebody out there.

This graph is how my annual views have grown:

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 15.59.37

I’ll settle for that. The year end review also sorts out the good from the drivel. There is a lot of drivel for each good post but it seems this was my top non-technical one from 2014.

Newer readers may want to have a look.

It was also a challenging year as you know. I was slowing down literally and tipped over in October. This forced my hand and I duly had my heart fixed. So far, so good. Reading, writing, a little work, they all helped keep me sane as I grew more and more frustrated. 2015 will also be a huge challenge as we relocate our life across to Britain. Blogging will doubtless be sporadic and occasional until we are settled.

I thought about the images I enjoyed making most in 2015 and as my parting shot for the year, here they are. My top ten. Like the BBC, 9/10 repeats. I can’t think why the first one made the cut.Vietato L'ingresso






Raspberry Ripple

Raspberry Ripple

Brown Shrike

Brown Shrike


Shirley in the breeze





46 thoughts on “So its goodnight from me

  1. Wonderful recap, Andrew. I have also considered stopping my blog from time to time, so I understand. But I am so glad you have continued. Your humor has lifted many a day for me, and your thoughts have broadened mine. Thank you for that.
    Where in Britain are you considering? I hope you will be in an idyllic spot, well-stocked with birds.

      • You have opened my eyes to birds. I’ve always liked them but never payed all that much attention. Now I find myself seeking them…turns out we have bald eagles, snowy owls, and white pelicans wintering right here! Wow!
        Here’s to lots of birds in your future 🙂

  2. I really needed to see this today… thank you for sharing (and celebrating) the “growth” measurement. As a new blogger, you have inspired and encouraged me! Congratulations on your blog growth and continued blessings in 2015!

    • It takes time to build a following in my experience. You need a regular pattern of output. Sometimes it feels unproductive, little response. It forms a plateau for a while then kicks off again. Enjoy 2015 and grow well!

      • Thank you for sharing your life, heart, wisdom, and encouragement! I’m committed to comparing myself to myself this year. 🙂

  3. More New Year’s greetings, Andrew.
    Fine selection. After your stay in the hospital, I think I might have an idea why you included the first. 😉
    And, of course, the gentleman in me (which was notably absent in my previous sentence) wishes to state that my favorite of the images is the last. 🙂

    • You prefer the last over the first? Well, Mrs. Ha will be very happy with that. There may be a small age difference but I scarcely notice it.

  4. Your comments are among those I most look forward to, Andrew — and your photos are truly wonderful! And I loved the Gaudi photo, too 🙂

    You’ll find moving ‘back home’ a shock, I know — things will have changed beyond belief and you’ll often wonder what has happened to the country you left — but eventually one settles back in, grumbling only a little at the general insanity …

    • What a lovely comment…… Made my day.

      I am not sure what to expect but change for sure. All I need is some peace and privacy and hopefully a decent quality of life. Simple pleasures do me fine. I hope Mrs. Ha adapts well.

    • Lulu is definitely moving too Gerard. I wish you a better 2015 and get thee to Venice. It will wow you for sure. I recommend walking. Y night and sleeping by day to avoid the locusts/tourists.

    • Cranberry juice is an excellent choice. I’m glad you enjoyed the selection Hilary. I have enjoyed 2 of your books this year and hope there is more in the pipeline. Here’s to a fulfilling 2015.

  5. Your blog posts are ones that I always look forward to, Andrew, so thank you for your continued writing and photographing.

    Happy New Year to you and your lovely Mrs ha. I hope everything turns out well for you in 2015.

  6. Happy new year to you Andrew and here’s to better health, more fun taking photos and all the best with the relocation! I’m glad to see one picture of your feathered friends and one of a very delighted Mrs Ha 🙂

  7. Happy 2015, Andrew! I’ve really been enjoying your images, and your willingness to share smaller and odder moments that many photographers would leave unposted. Best of luck with the move, and with everything else, and we’ll be glad to hear from you, sporadic or not.

  8. Good choices all Andrew. Best wishes for the new year and your move. May you have safe travels and good health

    I look forward to many more inspiring photographs and humerous and challenging editorials.

  9. This was my first year blogging and you were, perhaps, the first to stumble onto my page. Your ongoing support and humour have been much appreciated and a reminder to keep going when I have left it rather too long between posts! Delighted to see the young Doctor again after all this time ;-). Wishing you the very best with the travels and have a super New Year

    • Thanks James. Quality always wins over quantity. Looking forward to more great content from you in 2015. Give up banking like me.

  10. My friend life will always keep you twisting and turning, there is no way to stop this crazy thing. But passion runs deep this what make us feel when other parts are not. If you got to go then you must, but never forget us, we will always be here stay in touch
    As always The Professional Cannon

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