Not quite but almost

This is nothing like Not only but also. It is Pete without Dud. What I mean is I hope to do a final New Year’s Eve post before 2014 is signed off. So it is almost farewell to 2014. First the shots from today’s walk. No macro lens but with a tripod this time. Once again it was a walk without a bird photo. I did see a very fine bird indeed – a male White-rumped Shama – but it is not a HK bird. It will either have escaped from a cage or be a temple release so not tickable. Plastic.

The trees though were not escapes. At least not today. The first shot was, I thought until a couple of years ago, a lichen or moss. Then I was told it is an alga, Trentepohlia if I recall correctly. The only Alga I knew before that was a chum of Biggles and Ginger.Trentepohlia alga

Shadow play

Shadow on Tree


Leaf contrast

I am looking this one up – should not be difficult but perhaps an itinerant botanist might save me the trouble. I am suggesting Sarcandra glabra. If correct this is an important medicinal plant in TCM.BerriesIf I fail to deliver on my final post then I offer you now as a just in case a heartfelt thank you for your company in 2014 and I wish you health and happiness in 2015.

12 thoughts on “Not quite but almost

  1. I’m unable to confirm nor deny the plant, only phone capable for the day. …
    Lovely photos, the berries are so bright!
    I wish you the best in 2015 and hope you continue to share your awesome photos!

  2. A very Happy New Year to you and Shirley, Andrew. I hope you have had a fine day of it.

    Image number three has my full admiration. It is very much what I was thinking of, or quite similar to, in my comment on your prior post. Very nice!

  3. Bellissima questa serie di scatti Andrew, complimenti.
    Tantissimi auguri per questa fine del 2014 e ancora più auguri per l’Anno Nuovo che sta arrivando, manca pochissimo. Che sia super in tutto.
    Ciao, Patrizia

  4. Oh the trees with peeling bark, alga, and leaves that blow in the breeze. I like the pic of the 4th one down. And I really like fern leaves.

    Here’s wishing you, Mrs Ha and, LuLu a wonderful new year and a lovely and uneventful change of scenery.

    I’m looking forward to many new bird photos from you in 2015. May you have continued good health. Just remember you need not be a race horse or a jumper. Just a pacer or a trotter Those are the ones that are in harness pulling a small buggy as you know. 🙂

  5. Happy New Year to you all! I hope that 2015 is magnificent for you. Thanks for your wonderful and entertaining posts, your superb photography and wit and wisdom throughout this past year. Very Best Wishes, Lottie 😀

  6. Andrew, you will see the New Year in hours before we do. In Brazil it is 6am, so 18 hours before our world goes mad, however only three hours before it happens in my native NZ (not sure of the time difference between HK and NZ, and my eyes are still too blurry to find out).

    Love the greens and ochre of that first photo. As a painter who uses oils, my three fav colours are the 40 shades of green, ochre and burnt umber, you can forget the rest.

    Happy New Year to you, Mrs Ha and Lulu (may she not disgrace herself on your iPhone), your company throughout the year has been wonderful, head off into 2015 with that reconditioned motor and behave like a rejuvenated Landrover.


    • Thank you AV. I have enjoyed your company too. I hope sincerely that it will be a case of “All’s well that ends well” for you and it will BAU in 2015.

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