Sai Wan Ho to Aldrich Bay

Another day, another walk. And I added a few birds to my new site list including Little Egret, Black-Crowned Night Heron and White-breasted Kingfisher.

Sai Wan Ho is just a short stretch along from Tai Koo Shing. It is not to be confused with Ho Wan-see. If you round the Marine Police Base you can continue to the Aldrich Bay Promenade.

Plenty of boats if you look one way and plenty of high rise apartments if you turn your head. Here is today’s selection, taken as usual with a Fuji camera, this time the X-T1.Bench2mono

KidsHMS Wing On Travel sails the seven seas.WingOnTravelString ’em up means the lights in this instance. It has nothing to do with Occupy Central.StringemupAs there is a bench theme lurking in at least one of the blogs I follow I thought I would contribute my own. Note the bird cage.Bench1

BenchesThe Marine Bill heading home for a cuppa. They come back faster than they go out as far I can tell. They can probably hear the kettle whistling.The BillThere is a ferry to Kwun Tong. Why anybody would want to go there I have no idea but if you have a moment of mild insanity you can do so. I have been there many times. Not through choice.Ferry entranceThat is Kowloon Peak you can see on the right. Lots of tower blocks. Harbour sceneSee what I mean about ‘don’t turn around’.ApartmentblockNot all boats are necessarily sea worthy. This might get you to Kwun Tong but I doubt it. It might not even get you to Park’n’Rob.OarsKowloon Peak again.Kowloon PeakI ought to feel guilty as Mrs. Ha has been working all afternoon and I haven’t. But I don’t. I had a demanding morning going to the bank and seeing my cardiologist. He is happy with my progress and will see me again in March when I spend a few days back here. Two weeks after that I have been invited to go to Singapore to do some work (and hopefully get paid). We shall see. No sign of Lulu today. I visited her yesterday and she was in reasonable spirits in the circumstances. I gave her a tummy rub and she gave me a lick. A fair trade in my view. Better than the other way around. Happy Tuesday all.

14 thoughts on “Sai Wan Ho to Aldrich Bay

    • Indeed, they started colonizing seriously in the 90s and bred maybe 10 years or so ago. There is a Little Egret in one of the photos for the careful observer.

  1. Very interesting photos. So many people and no place to go but up. Such is an over populated area. Those boats look as if they would sink with the slightest wave. Just wondering if the ferry has adequate life jackets and life boats. Maybe they are smarter than the country that had all those ferry deaths not long ago. The monotones are very nice. The Fuji is working very well.

    Glad to hear that your cardio MD is pleased with your progress.

  2. Una passeggiata che ti ha dato modo di fare queste bellissime foto. Caspita che grattacieli grandi, io però non li amo molto. Lieta che la tua visita al cuore sia andata bene!
    Ciao, Pat

  3. All those benches have cages, or at least cage hangers, but they appear empty. Seems unfortunate that birds would have to be caged just to entertain someone for a few moments.

    I especially like the second with the kids and high rises…as an image, not as reality, I guess. I do not like high rises or what causes their need. Is the first one the yellow haze you mentioned to Jackson?

    • It was hazy Steve but not especially bad yesterday. It gets much worse.

      Keeping birds is dying out, mostly the elderly folks maintain the tradition. I don’t think it will continue

      The children against the flats was my favourite. It was better than I thought.

  4. This must be a trying time for you~ saying goodbye for now to your haunts, missing Lulu and all the rest. I enjoyed accompanying you on today’s stroll. Although I’m happiest in nature I do enjoy seeing the order we humans can create, such as the beautiful buildings with orderly plantings at their feet. Benches in towns are often interesting, aren’t they?

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