120 hours

That’s roughly how long we have been here. Here are things I have really enjoyed in the first 5 days:

  1. Cars stopping at zebra crossings instead of trying to mow me down
  2. The weather. It snowed. It is cold. Yippee.
  3. The Times
  4. Watching the rugby on the Beeb even though Wales lost
  5. Food. The restaurants here have improved by leaps and bounds
  6. Having lots of small shops nearby and an open air market most days
  7. A slower pace of life
  8. People are so bally friendly. I can’t believe it.
  9. Seeing the local wildlife: a buzzard, jays, squirrels………. without even trying
  10. Understanding what is going on around me as everybody here speaks English, even the Polish guy on the till in Sainsbury.

No time for the camera yet. What have you enjoyed this week?

44 thoughts on “120 hours

  1. Sounds like you are off to a good start with this new move and hope that you’ll be adding more to the list! The past week has been somewhat bananas at the office with too much work – and, no, I didn’t enjoy that. But at least the weekend was sunny and we walked to the woods near home, had time to make a slightly elaborate lunch and slept almost 8 hours.

  2. I love reading your first thoughts on the UK. When I arrived in London after leaving India one of my first impressions was that people wore strange shoes. Either they teetered on excessively high heels, or they went the other way submerging their lower legs in Ugg boots.

  3. YAY! This is great news, Andrew and I’m really delighted to read about all the positives for you this week. I’ve never visited Winchester but it was once voted The Best Place To Live in England so that can’t be bad! May life back in GB just keep getting better and better for you both 😀

    • Well done Charlotte. I have to confess that Wagner was not top of my hit parade but I probably inherited my taste from my father. He liked Kathleen Ferrier and I don’t think she did much Wagner. Maybe some Schubert Lieder. And he played Liszt, Chopin and Mozart with a bit of Beethoven thrown in. He was not a great fan of uproar.

  4. Yay for the first 5 days! Your list makes me smile and wish I was there enjoying those very things. I do love it there. Here’s to many, many, many such days Andrew!

    • Thanks Rhonda. Not everything has gone smoothly but we have been happy with our decision so far. Mrs. Ha has skyped with the offspring 3 times already and everyone seems fine.

  5. That’s great news, Andrew — keep on enjoying being home 🙂

    Currently enjoying watching the seven pregnant cows and the bull enjoying the afternoon sunshine …

      • They’re not particularly aggressive, Andrew, but the horns can be dangerous. I have a friend whose husband used to breed highland cattle: he was gored by a cow who swung her head the wrong way at the wrong moment and had to have his spleen removed (and later moved to breeding hornless goats). So I’d be tempted to admire them from a distance …

  6. 120 hours and 10 important details to give a hint of your new life.
    Much better than 72 HOURS (or something like that title of the movie) based on the true story of the hiker who gets caught between huge boulders in Utah and has to cut off his own arm to get out and save his life.
    Yep, kind of puts the 120 hours in perspective…

  7. Well, here in tropical Queensland, I, along with everyone else, am mighty grateful for the wonderful rainfall we have had, with more to come.

    It’s so good to hear that your initial impressions have been positive.

  8. It’s good to know to know that you are pleased with your life in GB. And that makes all your fans very happy. The one thing that strikes me the most is the friendliness of the people. That must be a huge bonus for you.

    My small pleasures have been sunshine for the past 3 days and no freezing weather. I even felt like hanging laundry outdoors to dry in the sun and the wind. No vet visits were needed. Other than the fact that I have now put off getting my health fixed due to wavering on how to change some legal documents. But I’ll get to it- one way or the other.

    Take care of you and Mrs. Ha.

    ~Yvonne D.

    • Don’t leave the health fix too long, Yvonne. We had some sunshine today but still quite chilly. I feel tired at the end of each day but happy to be getting things done at a reasonable pace.

  9. Maybe you should post your feelings in a national newspaper so that the moaning Brits can realise that not everything is as bad as they believe!

    • It’s funny, I’ve never lived anywhere but Britain, but all the things in Andrew’s list are things I’ve always appreciated about living here, when you compare it with a more precarious and fast paced existence as described by my mum.

      • It is a huge difference from HK for sure and I am surprised that Mrs. Ha is enjoying it. I hope it continues. The pace is much better here.

  10. what I am grateful for is that I found my creative voice it’s not that is hasn’t been there I feel I can now call upon it to speak when I want it to. I am blessed with two people who I love and they love me unconditionally and support,encourage me. The two my wife and my daughter they are the ones I love the most. Oh and let me not forget Lily my dog for whom I would not have a shadow
    As always Sheldon

  11. Nice post. This week I’ve enjoyed all the friendly people here, being greeted all over town by people we know, a great welcome back to our condo community, last-night’s sunset, warm weather, sunshine, time to write and read blog posts, wonderful food in the restaurants, the strolling vendors (Hey, you want this junk? It’s almost free?), the crazy bus rides, and not understanding everything that’s going on as many don’t speak English.

  12. It is great is’nit? Much less hectic I would think than HK? You have tried restaurants already? Things here are still cool. Going through all sorts of medical tests with Mrs H who has got a couple of things but does’n’t want to make a fuss about it.
    I daren’t ask, but is Lulu around?

  13. Well, I enjoyed photographing those trees this morning. This afternoon was absolutely crazy as I went shopping for a few groceries and bird seed. We are expecting a snow storm so all the markets were packed and, of course, the stores were understaffed.

    I just enjoyed reading the list of things you have enjoyed since returning to the homeland and hope it is a sign of good times for you.

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