Chào buổi sáng, Việt Nam

A long way from wildlife today. I was rescuing files from a dead hard drive today and found some Hanoi images from 2007. Mrs. Ha and I went there for our 50th birthday celebration and stayed at the rather splendid Hotel Metropole. Jolly d. it was too at the time. I hope it is still. French colonial style but don’t let that put you off. Pas mal du tout.

These images were taken with a 30D and frankly after processing they are probably no different from my M9 files (shock horror!). Converted to DNG they are a gi-normous 7.5mb but don’t tell anyone. I leave you to judge whether they pass the smell test. And if Google Translate has messed up the title, it should say Good Morning, Vietnam (in Vietnamese of course). I apologize to the locals if it does not.

We still have a few of these guys in HK but they are becoming rarer – its the knife sharpener……..

The Whet Stone Man

These are all over the place in HK but this lady is not a serious photographer as she isn’t using an iPhone, she isn’t pointing the camera at herself and she isn’t making a V sign. She’ll learn.

I don’t know why I like this next one but I do. I think it was the juxtaposition of the cap for authority and the antiquated radio gear. It reminds me of the stuff my father used to build from components bought from a firm called Heathkit in Gloucestershire. Only his worked.

The Trappings of Power

Now here’s a good citizen, preparing for his motorbike driving test with his revision notes in one hand and a glass of cleansing ale in the other. Cheers!

Don’t Drink (Read) and Drive

And finally, a reminder that this is where I am probably heading…………

I’ve certainly got a suit that fits like that but I’m afraid I’m short one clay pipe. I’m sure I can get one in Sheung Wan. It looks like he borrowed the hat from Inspector Maigret.

And there we have it. Five five-year-old photos from Hanoi, about the same age as my sense of humour. Well this blog isn’t called “All Downhill” for nothing.

10 thoughts on “Chào buổi sáng, Việt Nam

  1. I like this type of photography – each picture is interesting in a different way. You wonder about the person’s life – was it an easy life, a hard life. What were or are their struggles. You connect at a different level with these images. I really enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice shots Andrew, 4th and 5th shots. Is the grain from processing or ISO? It gives them a nice feel, makes them seem older than 5 years ago.

  3. I enjoyed these B & W again. As someone else said, you “have an eye for street photography” but I call it an eye for people and to know what looks intersesting and how it will look in B & W. I really like the street kife sharpner and the very old thin man. Very nice shots that you posted here.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post Andrew, and the “vintage photos”… Amazing what that 30D is capable of in the hands of a good photographer. The old codger certainly has an air about him. I don’t see a clay pipe though, only a cigarette. He certainly looks lost in thought. The chap studying whilst drinking ale reminds me of vacations to third world countries (dare I say). I love to sip a pint, smoke a decent cigar, and drive using a knee to steer. All simultaneously at a leisurely pace. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Barry. Yes it is a cigarette. I think my eyes were tired last night when I was doing the blog. The 30D is probably a reminder how effective marketing is. Most of us rarely print these days and for the web these files are just fine. But we still “upgrade” too much.

  5. This is a really lovely set of images, Andrew. Something I’ve never been good at is so-called, ‘street photography,’ but you’ve got it nailed. And, say what you will about your sense of humor, but I enjoyed it quite a bit!

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