On the Street

A complete change of direction today. No birds.

I sneaked out yesterday afternoon to buy Mrs. H some flowers, it being our anniversary today. She was left behind to make gingerbread men. This is something of a tradition in the house at this time of year. Sometimes the children join in but this year it was just Mrs. H.

I rarely go out without a camera, even if it just my iPhone and yesterday I managed to use the 5D3 as an excuse to hide my real intent. Just going for a walk with the camera dear, I chirped.

Here are 3 shots from the walk to the florist. The top one is my favourite alleyway. The lighting is usually good, it is not too busy but always has someone along the way and it suits B&W.


Then a real splash of colour. This is just a shutter door for a lock-up shop. However all the other shops on the street are a dull grey, often showing the ravages of time. For some reason this owner has elected to paint the shutters in  bright colours and they cheer me up each time I walk by.


And finally good old Uncle Mak. Whether he is 96 as claimed or a mere 90 I don’t know but he is still working every day. He is the original Tin Man, around well before Dorothy found one in Oz.


More next time and thank you for visiting again. Recently I have discovered some excellent new blogs and I gradually shall be adding them to the links. Please do explore.

7 thoughts on “On the Street

  1. That first one is right up my alley, and then I love the second because of the colour and simplicity.
    I’m rather jealous of the tin mans shirt, it would make a fine painting smock. Great photos Andrew and a belated Happy Anniversary to you and your Mrs.

  2. I agree with Yvonne that the capture of the Tin Man’s concentration is excellent and the backdrop of products completes the story. But I am partial to the alley. It is a great subject with great tonal coverage and a natural pull into the image.
    Alleys in the U.S.are pretty much as Yvonne describes and generally not a place to spend a lot of time. Yours look much more congenial.

  3. Thanks Yvonne. Sai Kung can occasionally look a bit grubby but by and large it gets cleaned up pretty quickly. Even after the typhoon hit people were out cleaning up within a few hours.

  4. My reply went away as I attempted to correct spelling. I am so glad that you got your wife flowers to honor the day that you two were wed. I think both of you are lucky to have each other.

    This is a nice post. Great pic of the alley with the children walking in front of you. Everything is so neat and clean looking. Here in Texas an alley is usually dirty and trashy.The best and most interesting is the “the tin man.” He is absorbed in his work and the colors are excellent.

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