Colour Burano and Murano

You only go to Burano for one thing. Colour. Vibrant, in your face, over the top, drop dead gorgeous colour.

It is, I imagine, hard to take something new. I claim no prizes. Here we go on the colour burst.Colour1









We did try to capture other things so here are the left-overs after the colour frenzy. Everyone together now – SNAP!cheese

You can’t go to Murano without seeing the glass blowing.glassjpg And I can’t go a day without black & white.silhouetteI have so many images I have to go through them again. Sorry, no gondolas again….. What? No gondolas in Venice? Well I saw a clue yesterday that there may be one left somewhere.Gondoliers hatjpg



29 thoughts on “Colour Burano and Murano

  1. Glorious color! Very therapeutic for someone living here in Chicago (aka: Land of Beige), entering autumn. Delicious. And fun to see what you did with it, like the upside down reflections. And I especially like the one looking through the relatively cool tunnel, to the sun-splashed colors beyond.

    • I don’t know Chicago but my godson is working there for Aldi. He seems to like it. I only remember when the Bears were the best football team around. Did they play in beige?

      • Haha! Nope~ blue and orange. They were indeed quite something there for awhile. I even got to meet a couple of the players. Fun to have a brush with the famous.

  2. The colour is blissful here, though what I love about Venice is the endless variations on grey and soft green. On the whole I find Venice very quiet on the eye. Re Gondolas. I have been to Venice many times, I cannot remember ever taking a Gondola trip… perhaps once with my mother when I was 14? I’m not even sure of that. But my personal favourite photo is of a very fed up Gondolier in a rain cape.

    • No sign of rain, Hilary but perhaps I can borrow a hose to recreate the effect. I’m finding the tourists rather wearing. I of course am not a tourist but an itinerant photographer.

  3. Andrew, you could publish a book titled COLOUR ~ BURANO AND MURANO, and I would be your first buyer. These brilliant, vivid photographs are energizing and inspiring. The top photo alone was enthralling.
    In a village in Mexico there was an entire little line of one-room homes. Each seemed to have an invisible line drawn where one ended and the next began, and it was as if each person tried to paint his/hers a brighter color. The effect was staggering, with a single big pot of bright flowers placed on the “line” between each color.

  4. Wow and wow. Lovely vibrant colors for sure. Love all of the pics. Especially like the arched alley way. Very nice shot. And I like seeing the blown glass furnace. Interesting for sure.

  5. Makes me pine for Mexico – similarly colourful. Stunning imagoes Andrew. That reflection image would make a wonderful header for a blog I know about about…

  6. Intrigued by your beautiful photographs, I checked out Burano on Google since I’d not heard of it before. What a wonderfully, colourful place. The weather looks good too 🙂

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